Welcome to RLS School of Design

From dreams to reality, from books to concrete structures, from a sketch to someone’s home- If that’s the kind of journey you’ve set on, RLS Institute of Design is your destination. Built on the foundation of creativity, discovery and learning, this institute has recognized as one of the finest interior design institute in Bangalore under the able nurturing of our founder Mr. Bharath Rathi, a well respected Architect not only in India but worldwide. A visionary with the passion to encourage young minds to open up and grasp nature in all its glory. Mr. Rathi has been honoured in Huston(U.S.A)for excellence in Architecture and a Life time achievement- award for his contribution in the interior field by IIID. An institute with the best faculty for  interior designing  in Bangalore, Rathi Learning Space (RLS) is your gateway into the real world. With exposure to professional projects and practical training, we aim to prepare students to become passionate professionals.

At RLS, students are encouraged to communicate, enhance their depth of knowledge, be it fashion or interior designing  and also stay in-tune with the current trends. During the course, they are also equipped to handle individual professional projects. Since our establishment in 2004, we have successfully combined tradition, theory and technology and set up a training facility to produce graduates pursuing professional excellence in the creative designing sectors. We offer fully accredited courses in interior design ,fashion designing and photography along with the finest resources for one to gain solid foundation in the subject. Your journey of success begins with one right step and RLS Institute of Design is that step. Our doors are always open.


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