Interior Design


Rathi Learning space has been tastefully designed to create an environment that allows young minds to experiment and explore.The classrooms are spacious and equipped with the latest facilities.A good grip of aesthetics along with space planning,colour schemes,materials and the environment plays an important role in designing an overall functional interior.While most courses that claim to teach Interior Design only deal with decoration ,at RLS, We've structured our courses to create interior Designers, not Decorators.

Our curriculum lays a lot of emphasis on conceptual thinking, experimentation and exploration within design. We cover Design Theory,Design History, Research Methods, Psychology Aesthetics and Professional Practice.


Our students are always in great demand as most people in the industry are well aware of the kind of hands-on experience, thorough understanding and domain expertise that students receive at RLS, Students have been absorbed by some of the leading Interior Design Studios over the years.


  • 1 Year Diploma
  • 2 Year Diploma
  • 3 Year Graduate Diploma

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